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Photography Products That Will Enhance Your Work: Photographic Pano Book

H&H once again has created ways for me to grow my sales – they recently announced a permanent PRICE REDUCTION on their photographic pano books!   This photo book was already one of the best values in the industry, and now they have made it even better!! ...Read more »

Rebooku for High School Senior Photographers Launches

During our busy season I am committing 15-20 hours a week to album and book design. I knew I couldn’t be the only one dealing with this time consuming problem, so I began reaching out to several of my photography friends around the country and found I wasn’t alone. Many other professional photographers are also ...Read more »

How Photographers can Engage Fans on Facebook

Learn more about how photographers can engage their customers on Facebook from H&H Color Lab! ...Read more »

The Top 19 Photography Infographics

Photography is such a deep, complex topic, and there are hundreds of sites devoted to tips, how-tos, interesting facts, and testimonials. We have picked out 19 amazing photography infographics from different websites to display useful and entertaining information. These cover photography basics, history, fun facts about social media, and more. These are some of the ...Read more »

Increase Your Photography Package Sales With Well-Crafted School & Sports Flyers

Ever frequent a restaurant that uses outstanding food photography to promote their menu items? Kind of makes you want to try something new…an item you might not order otherwise and maybe even spend a few dollars more? That’s marketing … and the pleasing visual presentation works especially well for your school and sports picture programs. ...Read more »

Show and Sell with ProSelect

How to use the new FREE H&H frame and canvas cluster resources in ProSelect Hi everyone,  my name is Ariana Falerni and I’m the creator of the Photographer’s Wall Display Guides.  I’m here to talk to you today about some great new FREE ProSelect resources that are now available to all H&H Color Lab customers! Some of ...Read more »
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