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School and Sports Photography – Simple & Lucrative…but NOT easy!

The school and sports photography segment of our industry may be simple, but it is far from easy at first.  But once the contracts are ... Read more »

Get Ready for Facebook Timelines

  How to Use Facebook Timelines - Video Transcript Hi everybody, this is Georgia McCabe, and this month’s video blog post is all about Facebook Timeline for ... Read more »

The Best WordPress Plugins for Photographers

WordPress Plugins for Photographers Video Transcript Hello and welcome to H&H Color Lab’s video series on how professional photographers can use WordPress to quickly and easily ... Read more »

Photography Products That Will Enhance Your Work: Jewelry

Planning an Easter promotion, or perhaps a Mother’s Day event?  You will want H&H Color Lab’s jewelry line-up to be part of those events! Now is ... Read more »

How Professional Photographers Can Stay in the Forefront During Industry Transitions

In the ever-changing world of professional photography, it is essential to keep up with new developments. As journalist Karel van Wolferen suggests, we have entered ... Read more »

Renowned Photographer Greg Gorman to Give Presentation at Kansas City Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Kansas City’s professional photographers are in for a treat this Friday (March 16th), as renowned Photographer Greg Gorman will be giving a presentation at the ... Read more »

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