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Creating Effective Websites for Professional Photographers Part 2: Intro to SEO

Now that you’ve learned how to effectively design your photography website in the first part of our blog series, let’s move on to how to ... Read more »

Facebook Questions a Guided Tour

Facebook is rolling out a new capability called Questions.  No this isn't something that asks us questions, but rather the ability to add survey type ... Read more »

Will Camera Phones Destroy Professional Photography?

To be sure, during any people based “photo op” moment today, be it a wedding or graduation, it is impossible to miss the invasion of ... Read more »

Creating an Effective Photography Website, Part 1: Design

Professional photography is a visual industry. The presentation of your photography is just as important as the photography itself. You have your work printed by ... Read more »

Creating Effective Websites for Professional Photographers: An Introduction

Why do you have a website? There are many ways to answer this question, but only one that really matters: to bring new business to ... Read more »

Social Media for Photographers: Your Quick Start Guide for Flickr

If you’re a photographer, then Flickr should rank right up there with Facebook in your social media marketing plan. However, you need to do more ... Read more »

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