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Email Market Your Photography Business

Photography is an art, no doubt, but being able to market and attract customers who yearn to employ their services is a talent that not many have mastered.  With the advent of digital technology, everyone is going the e-way in promoting their products and services. The most basic of which, for professional photographers, is email ...Read more »

SEO and Keywords Just For Your Photography Website

Today, it seems that a large portion of the world seems to be searching for something online while the rest is working diligently at being found!  With exploding internet access around the globe, connecting people with very diverse backgrounds, the only real way to be noticed is through an online presence. Professional photographers, like other ...Read more »

Converting Engagement to Revenue: Social Media for Professional Photographers

With so many consumers joining social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter, it goes without saying that photo assignments will follow. Social networking sites are becoming household brands to this expanding group of consumers, making it easier for people to stay in touch with others, and providing new opportunities for savvy business owners to promote ...Read more »

Focus Newsletter – April 2010

Follow Us! Contact Us: 8906 E 67th Raytown, Missouri 64133 800-821-1305 In This Issue More Specials  Choosing Software Web Wednesdays Summer Boot Camps JumpStart Sports Customer News  Where We’ll Be Speaker Events Film Blowout Sale Mother’s Day Specials Watch your email this week for more exciting specials from our photo lab! We will release new ...Read more »
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