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Our Photo Lab Experts’ Advice on Long-Term Photography Storage

Professional forums today are filled with discussions about safeguarding digital files. Things were a lot simpler with film, when the only decision was the kind ... Read more »

Last Chance for Our Photo Lab’s Print Specials!

Don't forget: This week is the last opportunity to take advantage of our photo lab's January/February print specials!  Click here to see them again. Remember, ... Read more »

Photo Processing: Applying Logos and Watermarks in Photoshop Parts 1 & 2

Here at the photo lab, I continually get questions regarding applying logos and watermarks in Photoshop and it is a lot easier than you might ... Read more »

Our Professional Photo Lab at Sync Photography Convention

Didn't make it to St. Pete's for SYNC?  Click below for a bit of video of our photo lab's team and the booth:  (It's a fairly large file, and ... Read more »

5 Tips to Get Started With Social Media as a Professional Photographer

Today, virtually every successful professional photographer has a sales website. Many even have implemented some sort of marketing plan to aid them in selling their ... Read more »

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