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Photo Lab Video Blog: eZSuite Print Size Preferences

Bentley offers another quick video tip.  This time, he shows you how to organize the print sizes listed in eZSuite. Get your organized images to our photo lab for printing! ...Read more »

Photo Printing: Custom Photo Jewelry is here!

H&H Color Lab is excited to offer personalized photo Jewelry!  No more sacrificing your time and labor to assemble and prepare jewelry for delivery to your client.  Simply upload your images through our photo lab’s eZSuite software and receive completed, ready-to-deliver pieces. Images by Blair Phillips With a large variety of styles to choose from, you’re sure ...Read more »

Photo Lab Video Blog: Design Elements

Bentley posts another video blog, and gives us helpful hints for designing! Once your beautifully designed photos are ready, have our professional photo lab print them! ...Read more »

Our Professional Photo Lab’s Loud Photography Contest Winner(s)

We only had three contest entrants, for a total of four images for our photo lab’s Loud contest.  Check out these images of “Loud.” Image by Donna Carter Image by Donna Carter Image by Fred Dickinson Image by Jessica Gwozdz These are all great representations of “Loud,” so I’m going to give all three the ...Read more »
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