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Our Photo Lab’s October Web Photography Classes

Do you take advantage of our photo lab's FREE online photography training classes?  We have many scheduled for October.  This month, we're doing Web Wednesdays! October   7 ... Read more »

Photo Printing: A Photo’s Image Size and Print Size

Today I’m going to be discussing image size, and what print size can be ordered from each size range. First, though, let’s be clear on ... Read more »

Where Our Professional Photo Lab Has Been

Last weekend, our photo lab attended many different PPA conventions and seminars.  Here are a few images from some of these trips: Karen Goforth ... Read more »

Returning home to H&H’s Photo Printing Lab

The convention travelers are all on the way home and will be back in the lab by tomorrow.  I'll try to update when I get ... Read more »

Photo Processing: Crop and Straighten Photos with Photoshop

Here is a quick video tip from our photo lab on Adobe Photoshop. Enjoy! Now that your photos are just the right size, send them to ... Read more »

H&H Color Lab’s Loud Photography Contest

Let's have a contest! Our photo lab will make this one fun, and play fast and loose with the rules.  I'll allow two entries per ... Read more »

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