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Our Photo Lab’s Self-Portrait Photography Contest Entries and Winner!

Our photo lab had a good time seeing everyone's self portrait;  even those that we couldn't recognize!  There was a wide variety of takes on ... Read more »

Going Contest Crazy: Random Drawing for Skip’s Summer School Scholarship

Yes, I realize that we are in the middle of a contest, but what could be more fun than to do a contest during a ... Read more »

H&H Color Lab’s Self-Portrait Photography Contest

It's time for a contest!  The topic of this contest is Self Portrait.  Now, now...calm down.  You can get pretty creative with this. I first ... Read more »

2009 H&H University’s Sports Boot Camp

We had a great time this week at our photo lab's boot camp!  We dodged a few raindrops, but it was a huge success.  I ... Read more »

Check out our photography webinars!

Have you attended an H&H webinar?  What an inexpensive opportunity for training without the travel! Llew Wenzel will be teaching you how to capture an image like ... Read more »

Photo Proofing Tips: Zero Padding

Zero Padding is not talking about someone that is really skinny... it is a numbering technique that can be used to keep images in a ... Read more »

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