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Photgraphy Training Classes Available Online

Did you know that we record our web classes?  This means that if you see a class that you’d like to take but the time doesn’t work for you, it is probable that you can view the class online when it is more convenient!  Many classes have already been posted, and more will continue to ...Read more »

Ooops! I need to cancel my order from your Professional Photo Lab!

Today we’re talking about canceling orders: H&H has two full-time shifts.  If you upload an order on Saturday night, and realize that you need to cancel on Monday morning; it may be too late.  The night shift works on Sunday night, and your order may be printed before you contact customer service on Monday.  While ...Read more »

School Picture Boot Camp

Our School Picture Boot Camp is in full swing, and we’re really enjoying all of the customers who are visiting the lab.  The session started Monday morning with the Pledge of Allegiance, much like we used to start our days in school. The day was filled with some great teaching, which was kicked off by ...Read more »
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