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Professional Photo Lab Customer Spotlight

Today we turn our customer spotlight on Karen Goforth, of Irresistible Portraits.  Karen started taking photographs for Sears, and was offered an opportunity to shoot ... Read more »

The Sky’s the Limit – Photography Contest Winner!

Wow, were we ever blown away by the response to this contest!  I'll show all of the images submitted, and announce the winner at the ... Read more »

Photography Contest -The Sky’s the Limit!

Spring has arrived, and that brings changes in the weather.  Here in Kansas City, we may use the heater of our car in the morning, ... Read more »

Grass Roots Professional Photography Marketing

Marketing tips with Teri Ritter: We’re hearing it everywhere; times are tough, and discretionary spending has taken a hit.  How do photographers make the most of ... Read more »

Dude, Where’s My Photo Lab Order?

Did you know that you can check on the status of an order, simply by logging in to the studio portion of our website?  Most ... Read more »

Web Photo Proofing & Web Photography Sales

Web Proofing and Web Sales at H&H Color Lab In response to many requests, HHImageHost was created – a system that lets you proof and sell products ... Read more »

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