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Professional Photo Lab Production Spotlight-Black Tie Photo Albums

In the summer of 2007, H&H introduced our Black Tie Photo Album line.  Today, we’re going to take a look at this area of production. Beyond this door is where our albums are hand-crafted. We started with a limited number of leather choices for the cover.  After that, we added the option to design your ...Read more »

Professional Photography Web Training Classes and Opportunities

Bentley, teaching a web class H&H University started offering online training classes over a year ago, and they have been very well received.  There are classes ranging from finding your way around our website, to raw image processing, to design. Sometimes we have guest speakers for a webinar, and sometimes it is a web class ...Read more »

Guest Post Friday…

Well, Rachel is out of the photo lab today, something about having a birthday, so everyone make sure to wish her Happy Birthday today. Congratulations to our Mystery Machine winner, Tom Harrington from Topeka Kansas. By having the experience and staying power in the industry, Tom knew that this was a machine that took a ...Read more »

Mystery Machine-We Have a Winner!

It’s time for our first contest!  See below the image for the answer We’ll be running various contests from time to time here on the blog.  Sometimes, you will photograph something and send it in.  With Mystery Machine, though, I’ll take the picture, (sorry in advance.)  All that you have to do is identify it. ...Read more »

New Float Mount Photo Frames

What would happen if you ordered an image printed on a 16×16 piece of metal?  Cool, huh?  Then, let’s say you ordered that metal print framed.  Didn’t know that was an option?  Yeah, it is, and it’s pretty cool. Let’s take this a bit farther, shall we?  Say you ordered a 12×12 metal of the ...Read more »

Welcome to Our Professional Photography Lab Blog!

Welcome to H&H Color Lab’s blog.  We’re glad that you found us and we look forward to having a lot of fun on here. Don’t forget to check back often. I’d like to start by listing a few of the features that we’ll be running: New Products-be the first to see our latest products and ideas for ...Read more »
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