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Professional Photographer Quick Tips – easy ways to streamline your workflow

Today’s Quick Tip is a super-easy step that can save you a LOT of time in your day-to-day workflow.  Have you ever forgotten to choose “sheet cut” for your wallets?  Have you ever accidentally chosen the wrong mount board from the drop-down menu?  If you use eZSuite and you’ve ever made a mistake on finishing ...Read more »

Convention Mention-notes from the photography trade shows

This past weekend was a busy one for H&H!  There was the MARC convention in Decatur, IL, and the Western States convention in Pasadena, CA.  We were at both, taking the opportunity to meet our clients face-to-face and show off some new products. Sharon Jegen and Teri Ritter attended the Western States show, which was ...Read more »

Photography Tips by Teri – Marketing Madness

Teri Ritter is stepping in today, with the first marketing installment.  Teri?  The floor is yours: We’re very excited about our blog!  We hope you are too!  We’ll be featuring a marketing entry on a regular basis and would love to hear what you would like to see in the area of marketing – tips, ...Read more »

Photo Lab Contest – We have a winner! (or two)

We have our resident digital experts traveling to different locations, so I couldn’t get all of their jump drives together, but here are Bentley’s: I especially like the baby drive.  Christina (our graphic designer) is threatening to make a pair of earrings from two of these. We have two winners for this contest: Heather Dillon, ...Read more »


Most of you are probably familiar with Bentley Skeie and Jeff Locklear, our “digital guys.”  They teach classes at H&H University, travel to various parts of the country to offer instruction, and can be found at many conventions.  They’re the guys that we go to for digital help. These guys help solve problems with cameras, ...Read more »

Professional Photo Lab Photographer Spotlight- Scott Hayne Photography

Today we turn the spotlight on Scott Hayne Photography.   Enjoy Scott’s awesome images while we tell you a little bit about who they are: Scott and Adina Hayne approach everything in a fresh new way that really works.  It also makes folks sit up and take notice. Scott left his courier business to follow ...Read more »
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