Facebook Advertising for Photographers – Setting Up Your Campaign

Facebook ads for professional photographers

Check out this video from Georgia McCabe about using Facebook Advertising to help grow your photography business! Direct Link to Video   Video Transcript Hi everyone this is Georgia ... Read more »

Photography Training Tuesday – Photography Lighting Techniques, hhschools Updates

photo lab photography training tuesdays

Today’s Training Tuesday blog includes the following information: hhschools Updates Using Light Meters   Open hhschools today and update to the most recent version to take advantage of all ... Read more »

How Can I Grow My School and Sports Photography Business?

Improving school photography sales

  I get this question frequently from studio owners that are looking for new revenue streams. Actually, the answer is very simple (not easy, but simple), GO ... Read more »

Photography Training Tuesdays – Adobe Creative Cloud Workflow and Retouching Tips

photo lab photography training tuesdays

This video is a supplement to last week’s Training Tuesday Blog about batch cropping in Adobe Bridge for ordering mini cards: In the video below, ... Read more »

Optimizing Images for the Web Means Several Things

Optimizing photos for the web

As a photographer, you’re probably already taking steps to optimize images for the web, but here’s an overview of our best practices: Optimize File Size and ... Read more »

Photography Training Tuesdays – Batch Cropping Cards in Lightroom

photo lab photography training tuesdays

New videos posted on H&H’s website that will speed up your workflow:  Bentley just posted some very helpful videos on how to batch crop mini ... Read more »

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